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Bridging the gap between Traditional and Postmodern Organizations

The paradigm shift to a new era of Organization is upon us! 


Is your  company prepared?

Does the way forward feel risky, like walking into the mist without clarity of what the future holds?


Then you need an experienced Servant Leader to help guide your company to better understand and live the Agile Mindset!


I am an Agile Coach who is passionate and dedicated to coaching organizations and teams to create more value for stakeholders and innovative solutions to complex problems. The  skill lies in creating a safe environment without distractions that empowers Developers to perform at their highest Levels. The incorporation of the Agile Framework using these key components; self-organization, kaiezen mentality and the joy of creating products within a group that are of a high value to their customers enables Teams to realize their highest potential


Rock Balancing


I stay mentally and physically flexible through dedication to continual advancement. I am a life-long learner and I am currently completing my MBA in Innovation Management at the University of Kaiserslautern while working full-time. Yoga and Rock Climbing  are the activities that I train while daring to explore the Zone of the Unkown.

Design Thinking

Technology is enabling us daily to rethink the way we do most things in our lives. Design Thinking is a method that supports  creative solution finding to wicked problems. I am proficient in teaching this method to Developers. It is amazing to watch how this process helps to relieve people's fears of failure while brainstrorming ideas for new  adaptive solutions.

Brainstorming Session
Open Minded Graphic

Intellectual  Humility

Being a foreigner in a foreign land enables me stay open minded to new ways of thinking. This requires a daily training process of knowing my limits and striving to learn and grow.

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Let’s Chat

Aachen, Germany

+49 163 8761717

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