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Slaying the Demons of the Mind

This winter despite the little amount of Sunshine that I experience daily, I have found a new joy in running through the woods in the darkness of the night. After about 2 km's I am warm and enter the woods in stealth modus with no light. Once my eyes adjust, I am able to make out the lighter boundaries of the trail and the adventure begins.

It requires my full attention, all my senses are engaged. The fresh air bites at my my nose and burns slightly in my lungs. I hear the snap of twigs and a rustle in the bushes and know I am not alone. ``Just keep moving forward, there is nothing to see here.`` Well there was martar and I startled him as much as he starteld me. His sharp white fangs and hiss were the only things I could make out as I deftly hurdled to the side and sped by at a sprint. This movement, the level of concentration needed to run at pace becomes my mindfulness practice.

I call the demons of negative self-critic and the repititive energy sucking thoughts out. They can't hide in my mind or in the woods, I just keeping running and leave them behind. To give them energy would mean losing concentration, followed by me falling on my face. I practice meditation daily, but it is sometimes not effective. The causes coming from me being unnable to find ground, my thoughts are too powerful, stress, too much screen-time and self-doubts. I am grateful for this new ritual, because afterwards I feel cleansed and alive.

Leaving the sanctuary and re-entering into the city streets is one of the most bazaar feelings. The lights shine so bright and the cars drive by so loud. It is Tuesday night and I will return to the sanctuary again for the next adveture in the woods. Catch you on the flip side.

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