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Minds are like Parachutes, they don't work unless they are open.

Society is a creation of Humans, it is controlled by rules, regulations, boundaries, tabus and ``Truths``. The borders are defined or enforcerd through language, culture, beliefs, norms and fear.

The 21st century marks a shifting of an era. Humans are beginning to wake up and pull the blindfold from their eyes, revealing a world full of suffering, inequality, out of control consumption and unhapiness. We are on track to destroy our environment making it no longer livable. At the sametime we are beginning to see movemets worldwide to care for the environment, to care for ourselves and those around us. #metoo, #blacklivesmatter, #marchforourlives #Gretathunberg, #Humanism.

Maybe it is the Technology and it is exponential growth that has made the biggest difference. Networking the whole world, enabling us to bend and in many cases break the rules that have held for truths. i.e. Video convsersations on your phone bend the rules of time and space, I can design something on a computer and use a 3-D Printer or inspect it virtually instantly and Driverless cars are only a few things that are being enabled through techonlogy and the future developments are unfathomable.

It could also be the fact that people are realizing the world we have created is not suiting us. We are shedding the rules and institutions that have dominated our world view for most of modern history, like a snake sheds his skin. The Churches are emptying, it has been accpeted that one can choose their own Sexuality, Gender is no longer limited to 2 and physical boundaries of our lands are being tested as mass-fluctations of people seeking better lives, flee their home lands.

A common reaction to the loss of boundaries is fear. Rules and boundaries give us a sense of safety, because we know where the limits are. Just like the walls of our homes ensure in us a feeling of security. But as the boudaries fade or are re-defined, counter movements likes Trump's election and his Wall, Brexit and the election of Bolsonaro are just a few examples of societies clinging to their boundaries, even trying to reinforce them.

On open society demands an open mind and open communication. We have the chance to let the broken systems of the past and present crumble away. The power is ours and the time is now for us to rethink, rebuild and reshape society into a flexible system that is able to react to it's environment and to be a place of abundance for all.

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